About Lil' Doodz

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What are Lil’ Doodz?

Lil’ Doodz are lil’ desk buddies (made with recycled glass jars or sculpted out of clay) that you can have beside you on your desk while you work! Lil’ Jar Doodz and Lil’ Clay Doodz love to help with holding your art pencils, pens, paint brushes, or even flowers and lil’ plants! Some Lil’ Clay Doodz are even tea or coffee lovers! Each Lil’ Dood has their own personality shown through their expressions, colours and size – so every Lil’ Dood is one of a kind (no two are the exact same). So in other words, Lil’ Doodz are all meanings of the word, “special.” They're just here to make sure you are smiling!


Why are they called “Lil’ Doodz”?

They’re named after me, actually! At the beginning of 2020, I had the idea to create a character out of clay – I knew what the design was going to be, but I didn’t have a name for it yet. Over the months of slowly assembling these lil’ guys (and my brand), I would constantly refer to them in passing as “lil’ dudes”: “Oh, I have to go work on my Lil’ Dudes.” Once I created their final look (originally made from recycled glass jars… I couldn’t throw on my wheel at the time), I came to the realization that “Lil’ Dudes” would be a perfect name for them! You see, growing up my parents would (and still) call me “Doo” or “Lil’ Doo” – I’ve always loved my nickname, as it is unique and always made me feel special (even though I don’t particularly think I am); but to me, these Lil’ Doodz are special – because, not only did they get me rolling into finally figuring out how to actually pursue a career in art (finally), but now they are in homes all over Canada and the US brightening up someone’s day; and to me that makes them super special! So long story short: I named them after the nickname my parents gave me – I mean, “Lil’ Doo-dz” is cute, no? I also love doodling so… I feel it all comes ‘round full circle!

I am so grateful that I am now able to follow through with my original idea of making them out of clay, as well – so now I can share both Lil’ Jar Doodz and Lil’ Clay Doodz with you!


Where are Lil’ Doodz made?

Here on Vancouver Island in British Columbia (Canada).


How are Lil’ Doodz made and what are they made of?

Lil’ Jar Doodz:

It all begins with a recycled glass jar – which has been double-washed by hand and then washed a third time in the dishwasher. After they are squeaky clean (and microwaved – germaphobe over here), then comes choosing which colour to spray paint them. Depending on the size and shape of that jar, the next step is to decide on their facial expression that will bring out their unique personalities. Every piece glued to the glass jar (using Gorilla Super Glue or E6000) is made and hand-crafted out of polymer clay. The original Lil’ Doodz all have pieces with colours kneaded by hand into the polymer clay – these colours are made from crushed children’s chalk; the newest bunch of Lil’ Doodz now use pre-made coloured polymer clay. After assembling the character, the next step is to create their designs by splatting on the acrylic paint (colours are mixed to make the perfect shades). Once the painted Lil’ Doodz have set to dry for a few days, the next step is to seal the paint with Varathane and give each Lil’ Dood a glossy look. The very last step is to give each Lil’ Dood their fuzzy felt cheeks and paw pads. Depending on dry times, each Lil’ Jar Dood takes about a week to assemble.

Lil’ Clay Doodz:

These guys start out as a ball of clay and are brought to life by hand building or wheel throwing – which is dependent on the season and weather (as my pottery studio and wheel are temporarily set up outside on nice warm days). Sometimes Lil’ Clay Doodz are born from a plaster mold – which I also made myself (so there’s no factory manufacturing – it’s all done by hand in my home studio!). Once the shape of the Lil’ Clay Doodz are formed, I let them sit for a day and then trim their bottoms on the wheel once they’re “leather-hard.” Each Lil’ Clay Dood is sculpted by hand, as well, so even their signature faces all have their own unique look (no two are 100% identical)! After a week of drying, the clay is considered “bone dry” and that’s when it’s time to underglaze - the colours and patterns are always changing, but they will always be bright and cheery! After their personalities have been painted, it’s off to the kiln (a 20 min drive from my home studio). For now I rent the use of a kiln at the pottery supplier – so it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get my bisqueware (the first firing) back. Once I do get my Lil’ Clay Doodz back in all their bisqueware glory, it’s time to wet-sand their rims and bottoms and give them a light wash to get rid of any dust that collected in the kiln. Once dust-free and dry, I then hand-paint or dip them into a transparent glaze that will give them their glossy finish. After each one is covered in glaze, it’s time for another trip back to the kiln for their last firing! Depending on dry times and kiln availability (and scheduling), each Lil’ Clay Dood takes about 6 weeks to complete (start to finish). *That being said, when I finally have room for a kiln of my own, that time period will be cut down to 2-3 weeks.*


Are Lil' Doodz Food Safe?

Lil’ Jar Doodz (recycled glass jars):

No, they are not food safe.

Lil’ Clay Doodz (pottery):

Yes, unless otherwise specified (always read the descriptions of the listings carefully. For example: a mug may not be considered food safe due to glaze issues, and therefore should be used as a planter instead.)


Are Lil’ Doodz made for children?

Lil’ Jar Doodz (recycled glass jars):

No – the polymer clay pieces glued to the jars are considered a choking hazard and should not be given to children to play with.

Lil’ Clay Doodz (pottery):

No – pottery is not a toy, and if broken the shards are considered a hazard for anyone!

***All Lil' Doodz are decorative pieces. Parental discretion is advised!***


Can I place my Lil’ Dood outside?

Lil’ Jar Doodz (recycled glass jars):

No – Lil’ Doodz like the warmth of inside your home (and they get scared when they’re left out in the cold world). Give your Lil’ Dood a special place in your home where you can enjoy their contagious cheer! Try your best to keep them away from direct heat or sunlight – UV rays and heat may cause some slow deterioration (over time) of their colourful, glossy exterior, too – and they don’t look good with a tan! Their favourite place is on your work desk or on a shelf. If you wanted to put some water and a flower or soil and a lil’ plant inside of them, just be sure it’s a flower or plant that does not need lots and lots of sun.

Lil’ Clay Doodz (pottery):

No – it’s best to keep all Lil’ Doodz inside. The bottoms of the pottery are not glazed and therefore are porous, so it’s best to not allow them to be at risk of sitting in a puddle to absorb dirty water from the bottom in. Besides… your Lil’ Clay Dood would be lonely outside all by itself….


How do I clean my Lil’ Dood?

Lil’ Jar Doodz (recycled glass jars):

If your Lil’ Jar Dood needs a lil’ cleaning, just give it a lil’ sponge bath (or use a cloth or whatever you have on hand). Keyword: gentle. You want your Lil’ Dood to last a long time, so don’t use anything coarse like steel wool. Lil’ Doodz are not good at swimming, so please do not submerge them in water – especially if they have felt cheeks! The exterior of the Lil’ Jar Doodz has been sprayed with two coats of a non-yellowing clear coat and the interior has a glaze coating along the painted drips – but other than that the inside is just glass, so treat it how you would any glass jar (but with just a little more care).

Lil’ Clay Doodz (pottery):

Lil’ Clay Doodz are made with glazes that are dishwasher safe; but washing by hand is encouraged, as the bottoms of each piece are not glazed, and therefore are porous – you don’t want to waterlog your Lil’ Dood and risk having it weaken over time! So if you got time, hand wash; if it’s a Sunday night and your loading the dishwasher before bed, no harm in throwing it in there with the rest of your dishes.


What are “SECONDS” or “B-Grade” Lil’ Doodz?

“SECONDS” or “B-Grades” are Lil’ Doodz with lil’ booboos, and therefore are discounted; for the Lil’ Jar Doodz, it might be that some glue is showing or the paint dried weird; for the Lil’ Clay Doodz, it might be that there are glaze issues or that there are small cracks that can’t be fixed.

If a Lil’ Dood is deemed “imperfect” by my standards, then they will be listed as “SECONDS.” I like to call this a "Perfectionist Sale," as Lil' Doodz are imperfect by nature... and I'm just being picky!


Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read all about my Lil' Doodz, but if you have any further questions you need me to answer still, please go to my “Contact” page and I will be more than happy to get back to you! (I may even have to add your question to this list – so any communication is more than appreciated!)