CEWELL Art Stuff Nanaimo BC Artist Handmade Pottery FAQ

How do you pronounce “CEWELL” and what does it mean?

The word “CEWELL” is actually a double entendre and is actually my full name combined: Caitlin Jewell – the “C” from Caitlin and the “EWELL” from… you get it. It’s pronounced like “cool” or “koo-l”. I use it to describe what I find “cool” and whatever makes me, well, me! It’s also an ironic double entendre… ‘cause I am not that cool. (ha!)


How many people work for CEWELL Art Stuff?

Just this girl! *you can’t see my thumbs pointing to me…* My name is Caitlin and you can learn more about me on my “About the Artist” page! I am a one-woman show and this is my first business – so bear with me while I learn to navigate through this crazy world we call self-employment.


Do you accept custom orders or do wholesale?

For the time being, I am not taking custom orders – but wholesale is always a fun way to collaborate with other small businesses, so email me at cewellartstuff@gmail.com for any inquiries (I may be interested)!


How often do you restock?

Since I am an army of one doing this part-time (and each Lil’ Dood is handmade), idealistically, my goal is to have a shop update (whether restock or list new Lil’ Doodz) once every 2 months (as it does take a lot of time to make Lil' Clay Doodz, especially, since I rent a kiln and have no control over the timeframe); realistically... it's best to follow me @cewell.art.stuff on Instagram to stay updated on everything!


Do you ship internationally?

At this time, I am only shipping within Canada and to the US. Follow me on my Instagram @cewell.art.stuff to stay updated on any changes.


Are Lil’ Doodz made for children?

Lil’ Jar Doodz (recycled glass jars):

No – the polymer clay pieces glued to the jars are considered a choking hazard and should not be given to children to play with.

Lil’ Clay Doodz (pottery):

No – pottery is not a toy, and if broken the shards are considered a hazard for anyone!

***All Lil' Doodz are meant as decorative pieces. Parental discretion is advised!


Why do you sell on Etsy when you have your own website?

As a first time seller back in 2020, Etsy appealed to me as it was free (and easy) to use, and it also allowed me to build a small community along with my brand; you will be able to see the reviews of the lovely people who purchased from my lil’ shop and adopted a Lil’ Dood – and I really love getting real feedback and being in touch with all you who support my dream of becoming a full-time artist!

Etsy is an amazing marketplace and anyone browsing can stumble upon my lil’ shop – and I want every Lil’ Dood I make to have a chance at being adopted! I believe in keeping every door open to welcome more wonderful people (like you) to share my creations with!


What are “SECONDS” or “B-Grade” Lil’ Doodz?

“SECONDS” or “B-Grades” are Lil’ Doodz with lil’ booboos, and therefore are discounted; for the Lil’ Jar Doodz, it might be that some glue is showing or the paint dried weird; for the Lil’ Clay Doodz, it might be that there are glaze issues or that there are small cracks that can’t be fixed.

If a Lil’ Dood is deemed “imperfect” by my standards, then they will be listed as “SECONDS.” Discounted Lil’ Doodz (or any Lil' Doodz) cannot be returned or exchanged – or refunded once they have been shipped out to their new home.

That all being said, Lil' Doodz are handmade and will always have some sort of "imperfection" as no two are ever the same - so when I grade them as "SECONDS"... I'm really just having a "Perfectionist Sale." (Ha!)


How are you doing your part to limit your carbon footprint when sourcing materials?

I try my very best to source locally as much as possible – as for my glass jars, I get them from my own pantry or from friends and family. Where I live our glass jars cannot go into the blue bin, so a lot of the times they are either stacked up waiting to be driven to the Recycling Depot or (not in my case) they are thrown away into the garbage (unfortunately, that's what happens anyway for glass that cannot be returned for a nickel). So when I visit family and friends, I always ask if they have any jars or bottles that need to be taken off their hands – saves a couple drives to the depot! I also get my prints and stickers printed locally, and I shop for supplies locally – so as long as it's in a 10 - 20 min driving distance that’s where I will go.

I try not to order overseas or outside of Canada or British Columbia even (if I can). I understand that no one can be 100% “perfect” when it comes to sourcing ethically / eco-friendly – but my first steps when I’m in need of something is to see where I can get it as close to my location as possible. In the rare case that I cannot find what I’m looking for locally, then I either scrap the idea or try to find it as close as possible in the states.


What do you use for your packaging?

I recently made the switch to using honeycomb packing paper and biodegradable packing peanuts (that dissolve in water and can be thrown into compost piles), and will no longer be using plastic bubble wrap for packaging (unless recycled).

I also select “recycled paper” for when I order our "Thank-You" cards - so please recycle them if you wish to make more space on your desk for your Lil' Jar Dood (which is, of course, made from recycled glass jars)!

CEWELL Art Stuff is always looking for eco-friendly alternatives for the materials used to make a Lil' Dood (Jar or Clay), and for the supplies used to pack and ship them to their new home - so any suggestions are always welcomed!


Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read all these FAQs, but if you have any further questions you need me to answer still, please go to my “Contact” page and I will be more than happy to get back to you! (I may even have to add your question to this list – so any communication is more than appreciated!)